CDs, Books & Films

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Straight, Bent and Uncut (Music CD)
Phil Davison’s solo sax CD – somewhere between blues, funk, and avant-garde jazz, an album that will surprise with its simplicity.

Ghost TV (Film)
A nasty, nasty comedy. A chilling Dunedin-made horror/comedy film. A reality TV crew is shooting a ghost hunting documentary in the ruins of Seacliff Lunatic Asylum. Of course that’s going to go wrong.

Samurai Shadow Princess (Book)
A work of fiction for younger readers set in feudal Japan. Ari the kitchen girl is sent on a secret mission with a princess and a grumpy old martial arts master.

White Cranes and Drunken Masters (Book)
Living and Learning Kung Fu in Rural Taiwan. I spent 1991 studying White Crane Kung Fu and teaching English in rural Taiwan. This is the record of that year. Part travel writing, part martial arts tale.

Nosferatu (Film)
F.W. Murnau’s 1922 masterful horror film lovingly restored to its former glory with colour tinting and lost shots replaced.


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