Dealin’ With the Devil

Here’s the new trailer for the film…

Dealing’ with the Devil is a film that tells how blues sax player and filmmaker Phil Davison found himself obligated to perform gospel in a deal to save the soul of his friend Ralph Bennett-Eades.

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Says Phil:
“I had been thinking about making a film about the passing of my friend Ralph. It was a strong story, and one that needed to be told, full of deep blues mythos but grounded here in New Zealand. And a personal story.

“But I realised that I was too close to tell it properly. I went to my friend Sue Marshall and asked her to come on board as co-director. I realised I didn’t need someone to look over my shoulder, but rather I needed someone who was going to take an equal role in the important decisions. I trust Sue. I’ve worked with her on a few other projects, and she has the right instincts. Sue is very good at interviewing – that the talking heads sequences are as natural and engaging as they are is a testament to Sue’s skill.

“I think the film draws its power from the fact that it’s a personal journey. It’s a journey through blues to gospel, and journey through grief to redemption. It’s a heartfelt document, and I hope it moves people as much as it was moving to make.