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The film would be nothing without the help of the musicians involved. The film lives and breathes music, and the people who played in Dr. Marigaux’s bands give the film its energy. Hamish Fyfe, Jim Strang and Rob Waddell are three fine musicians who push me further and further. The guys in the Dr. Marigaux’s Amazing Gospel String Band live up to the name – those guys are incredible: Anna Bowen, Craig Monk, Alan Starrat, Pamela Seccombe and John Dodd took my scores and turned them into great sounds. Anthony Ritchie deserves talks for his help with the scoring of the music for the Gospel band. And the end of the film would simply not have worked without Clare Adams and the Sounds Nor’Easterly Choir.

A Film is also nothing but the sum of its parts, and everyone who helped out in the production is deserving of a big thank you. The gospel concert was shot by five camera operators who each made great contributions. The very tight CUs of me singing are by Andis Kavalieris, who took the 450mm lens I handed him and managed to get those fantastic, intimate shots. Anna Wilde was at stage left, and Petra Paignton and my daughter Sophie Davison operated the cameras from the high angles. I was especially glad to have Petra in the crew since she’s not only greta with a camera, but also was a close friend of Ralph’s. Special thanks are due to Philip Schlup, who not only did a great job with the hand-held CUs in the gospel concert, but also was ready to drop everything and come out shoot some extra video.

Full credit list:

Written, directed and produced by
Sue Marshall and Phil Davison

Edited and animated by Phil Davison
Story Consultant: Al Baddock

Featuring Ralph Bennett-Eades, Phil Davison and Petra Paignton.

Thanks to Heather and Gracey Bennett-Eades for support and permission to use archival materials.

All music composed by Phil Davison unless otherwise noted.

Blues Fallin’ Down Like Hail (saxophone solo)
Double Indemnity (saxophone solo)
Performed by Phil Davison
From the album Straight, Bent, and Uncut (Roza Media)

Planting Skip James
Performed by Dr. Marigaux
Camera: Philip Schlup, Petra Paignton and Sue Marshall.
Public domain video elements in Picnic
accessed through the Prelinger Archives
From the album Sons of Dust (Roza Media)

Snake Oil
Chicken Feet
Performed by Dr. Marigaux and his Band of Aliens
From the album Snake Oil Medicine (Roza Media)

Hazel and Marigaux
Strath Taieri Rabbit Board
Performed by Dr. Marigaux and Highway 88
Dr. Marigaux (sax, vocals)
Hamish Fyfe (sax)
Rob Waddell (bass)
Jim Strang (drums)
Camera on Strath Taieri Rabbit Board by Philip Schlup
Camera on Hieronymous by Dylan Anderson
From the album Grit (Roza Media)

I Wanna Rock
Performed by Out of the Blue
Ralph Bennett (guitar, vocals)
Phil Davison (saxophone)
Lyrics by Ralph Bennett,
Music composed by Ralph Bennett and Phil Davison
From the album Out of the Blue (Out of the Blue)

Embryonic Blues
Composed and performed by Ralph Bennett-Eades
Video produced by Phil Davison (Roza Media)

In the Garden
Walk a Mile
Where the Sea meets the Sky
Little Bit of Heaven
Performed by Dr. Marigaux’s Amazing Gospel String Band
Dr. Marigaux (guitar, vocals)
Anna Bowen (violin)
Craig Monk (violin)
Alan Starrat (viola)
Pamela Seccombe (cello)
John Dodd (bass)

Sounds Nor’Easterly Choir directed by Clare Adams
Sopranos: June Crawford, Kay Murray, Sandrine Feillet,
Olga Hemmingsen, Delyth Sunley, Karen Brooks, Erin O’Loan
Altos: Shelia Bachop, Elly Mulder, Marion O’Kane, Sue Marshall,
Maya Tate-Manning. Sonja Urban, Julie Crosswell
Tenors: Willie Campbell, Anne Tacon, Jennifer Erakovic,
Grace Clover, Julie Crowe
Basses: Tim Murray, Stephen Burton, Justin More
Lionel Mc’Naught, Alex King

Gospel concert crew: Cameras: Philip Schlup, Anna Wilde,
Andis Kavalieris, Petra Paignton, and Sophie Davison.
Sound: Aleksis Kavalieris
Thanks to Otago University Music Department
for use of facilities and equipment.
The gospel concert was made possible by a
generous grant from the Dunedin Fringe Festival.

Thank You for Lovin’ Me
Composed and performed by Ralph Bennett-Eades
Produced by Phil Davison

Thanks to the many people who contributed their time and efforts in the production of this film, and also to the St. Leonards Hall Committee for use of their facility.

Made as part of a DMA portfolio for Otago University.

©Phil Davison 2017 all rights reserved.