Dr. Marigaux’s new album of solo guitar and vocal – a journey through blues roots to a fresh contemporary vision of the blues.

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“The first record I ever brought with my own money as a teenager was a collection of 1930s blues, and I listened to that one over and over again. Sleepy John Estes’ Little Laura was on that album, and I’ve had blues running around in my head ever since. Last year I stumbled into the abandoned Waikune Prison, and took the photos of the old chapel that provide the cover art for this album. Remembering that place became a sort of guide to the music – what music belongs in that abandoned prison chapel? Deep blues, songs of sadness, death, and bitter love certainly, but also wry humour: laughing in the face of despair.”

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Read the lyrics to some of the songs here…

See the photos of the abandoned prison chapel that inspired the album here…

Track listing

1. I’m so Lost

2. Catfish

3. Stones

4. Gasoline

5. Little Laura

6. I Can’t Sleep

7. Falling off the Bone

8. Dangerous

9. Devil Took My Woman

10. Little Cloud

11. Hotel of Lost Causes

12. Spoonful

13. Crazy

14. Picnic

15. What You Want Me to Do

16. Planting Skip James

17. Dust

All songs composed by Phil Davison ©2016, except Little Laura (Sleepy John Estes), Devil Took My Woman (Skip James), Spoonful (Willie Dixon) and What You Want Me to Do (Jimmy Reed). Recorded during March and April 2016.