The ultimate restoration of one of the great classics of the silent era

There are a dozen different versions of Nosferatu floating around, and you might be tempted to ask why we need another one.

The simple answer is that there has never been a restoration that truly brings this masterpiece back to life – until now. By referring to the original shooting script we can work out that there were shots used to repalce inter titles – for example, when Hutter writes a  letter we are supposed to be able to read what he is writing, rather than have an inter-title. In this restoration we have recreated these missing shotes. The original film was intended to be colour tinted – this is why the vampire in the movie appears to walk around int he day time – those scenes were supposed to have been tinted blue: another feature of this restoration is the return of the colour tinting.

beach book knock N end N in cofin N on ship N on stairs N&H newspaper same hour venus



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